Close to $30mln Put Aside for Pastoral Livelihood resilience Project


About 800 million birr (approximately close to $30 million) has been allocated for the implementation of pastoral livelihood resilience project in 2017/18, according to the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries. The project covers six woredas of Afar, nine woredas of Ethiopian Somali, eight woredas of Oromia and seven woredas of SNNP regional states.

Jemal Aliye, project’s coordinator at the Ministry, said the main objective of the project is to expand market and livestock infrastructure in drought prone areas.

In doing so, it helps to improve the livelihood resilience of the pastoral community, he told FBC.

The project has so far registered encouraging results in Ethiopian Somali regional states, according to Jemal.

Livestock market centers, health posts and pastoral training centers were built in the region, he said.

However, there is a big gap in drilling boreholes. Hence, the project will give due focus to narrow this gap in this fiscal year, he stated.