Ethiopia earns over $191 Million from Manufacturing

Ethiopian manufacturing

Ethiopia earned over 191.4 million US dollars from the export of manufacturing products in the first half of this Ethiopian budget year, Ministry of Industry stated.

Ministry Corporate Communication Director, Melaku Taye, told WIC the revenue was obtained from the export of textile and garment, leather and leather products, meat and milk products, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and construction inputs.

According to Melaku, textile and garment export generated 39.9 million US dollars, while leather and leather products as well as meat and milk products made 64 million 49.9 million US dollars, respectively.

He added Food, beverages and pharmaceuticals as well as chemical and construction inputs produced 19.3 million, 8.3 million and 10.4 million US dollars, respectively.

The revenue earned from the sector during the reported period exceeded by 2. 7 percent compared to the same period last budget year, he said, attributing the increase to the export of value added products.

The revenue earned from the manufacturing sector has shown an 18 percent growth on average during the past four year, it was learnt.