Ethiopia starts to implement an action plan for using additional ports


Ethiopia has started to implement an action plan for using additional ports of Somaliland and Kenya with a view to use the ports the fullest capacity.

Berbera Port of Somaliland has not yet finalized the infrastructures but the port lacks organization and doesn’t serve in its fullest capacity.

Ethiopian Maritime Affairs Authority Logistics Coordination and Monitoring Director Ato Temesegen Yehune said as Somaliland hasn’t finalized the necessary infrastructure and lack of integrated approaches of Ethiopia have made problems.

Ethiopian government and Somaliland have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a view to use the port in an integrated and uniformly ways.

The two parties have drafted an Action Plan as per the MoU so as to use the port effectively.

The action plan mainly sets out as to how the infrastructure development activities shall be finalized and during the operation of the port how different bodies of Ethiopia will use the infrastructure, opening offices and pertinent issues.

The action plan has also incorporated the role of Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority , Banks, Private Importers , Immigration and as well as the agreement to be reached by Ethiopian and Somaliland Banks

One of the beneficiaries, Ethiopian Revenue and Custom Authority has received the action plan and it agreed the plan would serve it to provide effective services for the customers.

The overall infrastructure development will be finalized in one year and the port will be in full-fledged in due time to operate in its fullest capacity.