Ethiopia to Host 11th African Corporate Governance Conference

Top Aug 10

The 11th conference of African Corporate Governance Network is scheduled is taking place this week here in Addis Ababa.

The three day conference is held August 9 to 11, 2017 in collaboration with African Corporate Governance Network, based in Pretoria, South Africa.

Policy makers and large company owners from the 19 member states including Ethiopia will attend the conference.

The conference checks the competitiveness of companies in the market to enhance corporate governance and ethical leadership of companies’ transparency and accountability in African countries.

Among the objectives of African Corporate Governance Network are demonstrating good practice within member organizations and network, building sustainable capacity to enable membership organizations to achieve their goals, expanding network, conducting research, and creating a favorable investment climate.

All these objectives were summed up to lead companies by professionals and accountable board members to carry out their social responsibilities.

The network is playing a vital role to promote fair and ethical business system development in Africa. Exchange and share knowledge, information, best practices tools and resources.

Best practices in corporate governance enhancement of different companies will be demonstrated and evaluated on the conference so that they can be input for policy makers.

The Ethiopian companies and members of chamber of commerce and sectorial association will get the chance to assimilate corporate governance principles and experiences from performances.

There will be panel discussions focusing on challenges in corporate governance and the business opportunities that can be created in implementing corporate governance strategies. The Ethiopian business governance practice and ethics is one of the topics to be covered in discussion. It is also expected that African corporate governance intellectuals would present their advices.

Similarly, the African Corporate Governance Network will evaluate its six month report during the conference.