Feasibility Study Being Conducted for New Dry Port

Dry Port

Feasibility study is being conducted by Ethiopian Shipping & Logistics Service Enterprise (ESLSE) to construct a dry port at Woreta, South Gonder, Amhara State, at an outlay of 100 million USD.

Explaining about the purpose of the study, Aklilu Tessema, supervision & contract administration senior officer of the Enterprise, said the study was for selecting favorable location to construct and determine the capacity of the port.

The dry port will be constructed on a 60 hectares of land and will be equipped with a capacity to hold at least 15,000 containers at once.

According to Aklilu, the dock was selected by Maritime Affairs Authority and the Enterprise and it would be situated between Sudan and Djibouti serving to to handle containers transported to Bahir Dar and Woldia.

“There is a plan to connect the dry port to the railway that is planned to be constructed from Woldia to Bahirdar through Woreta,” he said. “It will be helpful in expediting trade along the railway route.”

At the moment a team formed by the Enterprise and the Authority is undertaking a study to check the flow of containers as well as the volume of the trading activity in the area.

“After taking these issues into account, the Enterprise will lease a land in the town,” Aklilu explained. “Soon after leasing the land and giving compensation to relocated households, another study by an independent body will be launched.”

An international bid is going to be floated to hire an independent consultant to design a master plan for the dry port. Then a year later, the construction will start and it is scheduled to be completed in 3 years’ time.