Truck Assembly Line Inaugurated

Sino Truck

Truck assembly plant built by N.A Metal Industry and Engineering is a PLC, in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, was inaugurated. The assembly plant was constructed at an outlay of 250 million Birr and according to the shareholder and managing director of the company, Nebiyou Assefa, explained his firm would assemble trailers, semi-trailers, Sino Trucks and fuel tankers.

The managing director, who is an entrepreneur in his thirties, explained that the plant has the capacity to assemble 1000 units of 22 ton trails, 300 units of 45 – 60 tons semi-trailers, 600 units Sino Trucks and 1000 units of underground and above ground fuel tankers in its first year of operation. This would be done within a single 8 hours shift, he furthered.

“The government is working hard throughout the country to particularly make the youth benefit from the economy and to engage in the manufacturing sector”, Nebiyou explained.

The company was established back in 2007 and it has been producing and exporting metal and engineering equipment to African countries.