About ESAI

Since November 2012, under a cooperative agreement with USAID-Ethiopia, Precise Consult International has been implementing an Ethiopia Sustainable Agribusiness Incubator (ESAI) in partnership with Economic Transformations Group (ETG) based in New York.  Modeled after the world’s most successful agribusiness incubator, the Fundacion Chile, ESAI’s mission is the sector-by-sector transformation of Ethiopian smallholder agriculture through the support of innovative private sector actors connecting smallholder farmers to markets.  The outcome ESAI seeks is the transformation of selected high-potential agricultural value chains – with increased production, marketing, employment and income generation.

Project aims to

  •   Create wealth for rural populations through the development of new productive opportunities, both on farm and off farm
  •   Support private sector agricultural innovation and accelerate the development of early growth stage agribusiness companies
  •   Reduce transaction costs and increase market links between producers and consumers
  •   Enhance the competitiveness of the agribusiness sector and expand local value added agro-processing
  •   Increase efficiencies within agribusiness supply chains and ensure a greater share of the final price of end products go to farmers

To benefit a selected group of private sector actors with the potential to transform each sector, ESAI:

  • Creates and facilitates new business models and practices
  • Facilitates market linkages – local and international
  • Coordinates access to finance (equity, debt, mergers & consolidation, financial advisory services)
  • Provides hand- holding services and capacity building
    • Training
    • Business planning
    • Business model testing
    • Business infrastructure
    • HR
    • IT and communication support
  • Organizes flagship networking events
    • Held annually for each value chain
    • Connects entrepreneurs, development agencies, policy makers, investors
  • Builds the mission critical capacity of private sector operators (incubatees and pioneers businesses)
    • Providing trainings to entrepreneurs/businesses
    • Building business ecosystems to share knowledge from peer networks
  • Research products
    • High quality intensive value chain researches to identify value chain challenges and opportunities
    • Converges stakeholders to find innovative ways of doing business
    • Networking of stakeholders to reshape markets and orient policy towards innovation and competition
    • Forwarding innovative and transformative value chain solutions