Ethio-Feed PLC

Ethio-Feed, established in 2005 by a group of livestock professionals, is a leading feed manufacturing company with the objective of producing superior quality feed that meets international standards. The company uses an innovative local ingredient with high crude protein content that has not been used before. It is the only feed manufacturer in the country that uses high advanced biotechnology of activated microorganisms with different animal feed ingredients. Its products are unique in integrating roughage and concentrate in one unit, which enhances rumination digestibility and absorption. The company plans to diversify its farm to Selale, an area rich in dairy resources, which also has logistics for raw materials and distribution. Currently, the company has 5 permanent and 15 temporary employees.

Oromia Region, Mama Town
Multi-nutrient block, total mixed ration and pellets for dairy, beef, cattle and poultry
Private Dairy Farm owners, Feed lot operators, livestock cooperatives, unions, NGOs and government institutions