Faffa Foods PLC

Faffa Foods has become the first food plant in the country to produce milk powder, Corn Flakes and soy milk. Faffa Foods Share Company was initially a nonprofit manufacturing plant that produced nutritional supplements for malnutritioned children. The plant was established based on a cooperative agreement between the Ethiopian Institute of Nutrition Studies and the Government of Sweden. During this agreement, the plant produced 400 tons of supplements per year. Later on, Faffa Food Factory reoriented its operation towards a business model that could cover its operation cost. The plant was purchased by Petram Private Limited Company, a family owned company engaged in the import and distribution of merchandized goods. At present, the company has the capacity to produce more than 71.6 thousand tons of nutritious foods r year. Currently, Fafa Foods hascreated close to 300 employment opportunities.

AKaki, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Full cream milk powder, corn flakes, and soy milk AKaki, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia