Kaleb Service Farmers House

Kaleb Service Farmers House was established in September 1993 with the aim of providing agriculture and agro industrial services. The company provides effective sales and technical support services to local and foreign investors, individual farmers, as well as construction firms. KSFH is a sister company to Selit Hulling, the premiere sesame processing and exporting company in Ethiopia. Selit Hulling source its sesame from its own farm and from farmers in Humera area through an out-grower scheme. In this arrangement, Selit Hulling provides agricultural inputs to the farmers and will be entitled to purchase the harvest at current market prices.  

Debrezeit road, Akaki-Kality Sub-city, Kebele-10, House No. 9999/1, kaleb Building, Addis Ababa Ethiopia
Sales and Technical support services of agricultural machinery and equipment (Tractors, Combine harvesters, Balers, etc. and their spare parts), train technicians (operators, mechanics, welders and auto electricians) import and distribution of organic chemicals and export of certified organic agricultural products (sesame, coffee, peanuts, pulses, spices and other oil seeds)
Medium and large scale commercial farmers