Selale Dairy Cooperative Union (SDCU)

Selale Dairy Cooperative Union (SDCU) was established on January 27, 2001. The initial objective of the Union was to supply feed and veterinary services at a competitive price. After one year of operation, SDCU began collecting and marketing milk, transforming its role in the market to a higher level. Currently, the Union is operating in seven districts that have high volume milk production. The total number of milk producers and suppliers in the Union is 3,359 households. The cattle population where the union is operating composes mainly of cross breeds. SDCU has a total cross breed dairy cattle population of 49,571. It is estimated that about 70% of the cross breed cattle are owned by SDCU members.

Selale, situated north of the capital city, Addis Ababa
Feed, Veterinary Service and Milk
Dairy Farmers and Household Consumers