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Transforming The lives of Millions

Our people are our valuable asset enabling us to become the management leading consultancy firm in Ethiopia. Our success depends on you; we cultivate meaningful work from day one.

At Precise, you are not here just to do something better but make an impact. Take a step forward and join Precise, together we will fuel the development of Ethiopia.


Value Proposition

Meaningful Work

Learning and Development

Working Environment

Salary and Benefits

Change the lives of millions with us - Precise works towards the development of Ethiopia by using the private sector as a catalyst, focusing on Sustainable Agro-industrial Value-network Innovation, Off-grid Energy Innovation, and Policy Innovation.

Meaningful Work

Change the lives of millions with us - Precise works towards the development of Ethiopia by using the private sector as a catalyst, focusing on Sustainable Agro-industrial Value-network Innovation, Off-grid Energy Innovation, and Policy Innovation.

Learning and Development

Shape your future at precise - We constantly work on updating and challenging ourselves with constructive feedback, mentorship & coaching, tailored trainings, online learnings, stretched assignments, and work on diverse industries with local and international exposure. You will have the chance to work with remarkable people whose blended knowledge and expertise comes together to continuously strive for a proud, dignified, and prosperous Ethiopia. Your personal development and career growth, within or out of Precise, is always at the core of our hearts.

Working Environment

Remarkable people, lifetime relationship - Precise is where you connect, engage, learn, and create. Our culture promotes collaboration and strategic thinking to drive innovative solutions in everything we do. Precisers are connected at work, and beyond.

Salary and Benefits

Fulfilling work and amazing benefits - Precise offers generous compensation and attractive starting salary, coupled with a package of benefits including, staff loan with a reduced interest rate, medical insurance, wellness package, unlimited days off, and a work from home scheme, among others.


The Learning Culture

We respect your academic achievements, foundational knowledge, skills, and experience you have gained through your journey, Precise will provide you with the opportunities to build on them. The unique skill, expertise and capability of our people are a key pillar to our success. That’s why we are fully committed in investing on one of our core values which is “continues learning".

Working with Precise as a beginner or continuing your career journey is an investment in your future. We will help you unlock/transform your years of studies and experience in to solid work that transforms the lives of millions through our business and development programs. At precise we are committed to the growth and development of our hybrid/diverse team to be the sectorial knowledge leader. Every day your will learn new things from your colleagues, expert, partners and our clients, and make a real difference. That’s why we are committed in investing in our valuable asset; ‘you’ and you will share your experiences so we can all continue to learn.

We support continuous learning through internal workshops, brainstorming sessions, training events, and free educational tools to encourage to be a knowledge leader.

At Precise you will find:

Collaboration and peer review

Practice your leadership skills

Networking with company and industry leaders

Internal educational/ training program

Career building program

Skill and ability enhancement

Mentorting and coaching


Some of our Programs

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Job Opportunities

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Your CV should include your latest accomplishments, your strengths and weaknesses, and specific skills that could be applied at Precise. Make sure to highlight your accomplishments in previous jobs—not just your duties. Anything else you would want us to know? Share more about yourself so we can get to know you more.

Our talent team will review each candidate through a rigorous screening process and contact those who best-fit the position, then inform each applicant. But, even if you are not selected or contacted for the specific position you applied for, your information will be kept in our database for future openings for which you may qualify.

Precise works on vast sectors thus it may sometimes depend on the specific position but generally, we look for someone that is ready to be challenged and always eager to learn new things.

Young Leaders Development Program, YLDP is a one-year program that aims to provide practical knowledge and skills for fresh graduates from diverse academic backgrounds to compete in the management and business consulting industry, where their educational experience can be enhanced through rigorous work assignments and professional coaching.

The purpose of the YLDP is to lead to further employment with Precise and also for other game changing companies throughout the nation. Therefore, there should be expectation of employment at the end of the YLDP depending on the evaluation process and their value-add to Precise.

It usually takes place within a month after graduation. Undergraduates may apply by responding to specific instructions on the vacancy that will be posted on the website and on our social medias.

You can apply to be part of our events, workshops, discussions and more by sending in your resume and other relevant information at